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The DMPI hosted a grand celebration of Bertie Marhsall’s 70th birthday on February 5, 2006. MC Clifton Lewis opened the night wishing Bertie many more years and thanking him for 70 great ones so far.

 Clifton reminded people that Diego Martin is the holy ground of Calypso as Calypso was born in Diego Martin in 1785. Along with his Regeneration Now partner of 48 years, Paul Noel, they opened with a priceless song done A capella about looking back on the years of life. The Steel Inversion band presented their high quality of music as was always demanded from pan legend, Bertie Marshall.  Bertie commented that his protégé, Lightning, understands his music and his instrument.  “I coaxed Lightning to move from the double 2nds to the double tenor pans. Lightning has learnt to caress his instrument. When he plays I hear the notes so clearly. It is a pleasure to see and hear him perform”

Many of Bertie’s longtime associates came to wish him well. Professors that work with him at the University of Trinidad and Tobago were in attendance including Professor Kenneth Julian, Professor Imbert and Professor Ramchan. Bertie received an honorary doctorate from the University of Trinidad and Tobago in November of 2005.
Everyone enjoyed the Sunday dinner prepared “Baby’s Way”. The band played some jazz standards, accompanied Regeneration Now, Crazy and Funny as they performed a few for Bertie. Despite some intermittent rains everyone enjoyed the evening.